A Caribbean Girl in Iguazu, Argentina

In the month of November you will find fewer entries than usual on this blog, #sorrynotsorry, but November is the month of my birth anniversary. Since 2012, I have had the pleasure of being able to spend this important date out of the city. Every time the year starts, I try to find a place (within my possibilities, because let´s be sincere …) to commemorate this day. When I moved to Argentina and started reading more about the Iguazu Falls, I knew it was a place I would eventually have to meet. They´re located in the province of Misiones, bordering both Brazil and Paraguay, with a tropical climate and vegetation very similar to my island, it was obvious I would fall in love with it as soon as I arrived.

This time I made the decision to make this trip alone. No partner, no friends, no acquaintances, no scheduled excursions, no insured transport … Just me and the road ahead. I have traveled many times alone, but always for work where I go with a specific purpose, or travel alone to meet somebody later in the destination. Nope, this was not the case this time. Nobody was waiting for me here, only the hotel I booked a few days before because we can´t be so extreme … yet.

For those who dont know this Wonder of the World, stop everything you are doing right now and open another tab to start the inquiries !! On the one hand I regret not having done it before, but on the other, I am sure that this was the right moment. On this trip I also saw the great difference that Latinos have with Europeans to travel. I can say that more than 75% were tourists from France, and the rest between the United States, Norway, Spain and one or two from Brazil. Since #afrohunting is already part of me, it was very easy to realize that I was there alone too. My stay at the hotel, i was the only black woman. I was going to eat at a restaurant, I was the only black woman. Shopping at the supermarket , I was the only black woman. Going to the Duty Free, i was the only black woman. Doing the excursions of Los Jardines del Colibri and La Aripuca, I was the only black woman. Drink a beer on the bar, I was the only black woman. Go to the National Park of the Falls, YES! Finally! Here are 2 like me. Yes, within the thousands of people that I could see that day in that immense place, I found myself with only 2 more black women. We smiled all the way until we finally talked a bit, they were mother and her teenage daughter from the United States who decided to travel together to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tatyana (Scorpio also.)

Every time I travel, I am more aware of this situation, and it is becoming more and more evident. The social inequality that exists is very obvious and we, afrolatinxs,  are always  the ones who can afford the least to do tourism in Latin America. Grateful of life for the privileges that I know I have, but at the same time terrified that this is still happening in 2018. Anyways, with my soul full of the best energy, here I share some photos of this trip that changed my life, Now I have a new number when they ask about my age.

Ps: This is my first post in English, so sorry for the bad grammar and wrong words. Can’t help it! I´m Dominican!

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